Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watching you sitting, playing

Watching you sitting, playing
           fingers moving
           strings trembling at their touch
           gentle, tender, passionate
           my body understanding
           heart stopping
my breath catches
your brow furrows in concentration
           lines around your eyes deepening
the curve of your lips pausing unsung lyrics until you feel them
intensity coursing through you
frightening and fantastic
           as the music touches you
           as you touch the music
           possessing it simply by your being
           possessing it simply as you possess me
stirring me
wanting to reach you, to touch you
but too selfish to interrupt this moment of magic you are making
           for you
           me me
           for us
not wanting this to end
unless my breath mercifully fades
           as simply, surely, and sweetly
as the last note you promise.

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